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lorant.szabo asked 4 months ago

Hello Guys!
Something very strange happened that i can not understand.
Yesterday I left everything, as it was, everything was working fine. Its a F9H F9P heading kit.
Today not even the F9H not the F9P working.
On F9H board, POWER+XBEE port simply not working. COM port was even totally grey out, no message coming from POWER+XBEE port.
I tried to brick it based on hack 2# but i only achived that i could see the same on power+xbee as on power+gps
On F9P i also can not see anything. I tried to revert to the default setting but could not see anything on it also…
It is like everything went bad on that side of F9H where these two was connected…
I tried lot of think today, but could not find the problem.
Could you suggest something?

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

supported by email.

clive1 replied 4 months ago

What was the underlying issue here? Firmware?
I’ve already had one guy flash the F9H with F9P firmware and bricked it.

clive1 replied 3 months ago

Ok, well observed several people now brick their F9H by applying the F9P firmware. This is not suitable for the F9H which needs the HDG firmware, and is akin to filling the tank of your petrol/gas vehicle with diesel. For “experiential learners”, it is a mistake you probably don’t want to make, even once.

You will get the Kiss-Of-Death message:

If you are using a F9P + F9H combo device, be very sure which device you’re talking too BEFORE applying the firmware updates, ideally separate the units, but at the very least query the UBX-MON-VER first.