F9P – Wifi NTRIP Master no Wifi network

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Farmer234 asked 4 weeks ago

I recently bought a Ardusimple F9P board and a Wifi NTRIP Master.
I want to configure it as Base and broadcast the Signal via SNIp or RTK2go.
At the moment I face the problem that the ESP32 Xbee Modul does not do anything. No LED is on or blinking. The Wifi to configure is also not available.
A full rest (5 secounds on Power button of XBEE) is also not possible.
Please give me some advice how to solve this isssue.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hi Farmer234,

No LED means either no firmware, no voltage at VCC or XBEE in reset state. I send you a basic checklist:
1. Did the WiFi NTRIP Master work the first time you powered and then it didn’t work on the subsequent times? Or it never worked?
2. The NTRIP Master needs a fast power supply to boot properly, are you using maybe long cables to power the unit? Try with a shorter cable or directly connected to a wall adapter.
3. Could it be some dust on the pins? Try to disconnect and clean the pins and connect again.