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F9P HPG1.30 updated UART2 Output UBX do not output

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsF9P HPG1.30 updated UART2 Output UBX do not output
ich48397 asked 3 weeks ago
New Firmware HPG 1.30 ,I  had updated for using UART2 Output,But there is  No signal .
Please tell me why.
Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Which procedure do you use to enable UBX?

replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you ,I’m sorry ro reply late.
I did below procedure.
1:Updating HPG 1.3 from HPG1.13 which configure is the MovingBase base of Ardusimple configuration file for 1.13.
2:VIEW-CFG-PRT UART2 Output UBX set and save all.

The Reason need to output of UART2,
My Movingbase set uses F9P base and F9H Rover,
They had worked well thanks to your supports.
Next step,data logging has an issue.
F9H can output Normalized RELPOSNED data from UART 1 or USB
FP9 can output from USB only, UART1 Output has been used for RTCM3 sending.
I have no experence in programing of ESP32 USB HOST .
I am waiting your New Configuration Files of HPD1.3 .
Then I will update to HPG1.3 and enable to UART2 output UBX.

replied 2 weeks ago

A Week Later self comment.
I had tried to achieve USB HOST Recieving from Dual SimpleRTK2B USB Output through USB Hub.
Teensy 4.1 had brought a USBHOST Serial communication very easily.
These USB HOST expereriment updated my blog, in japanese.
best regards.