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gnss.rtk asked 1 year ago

Hello community and professionals in surveying. I wanted to ask if you can imitate a propeller Aeropoint with Ardusimple. Who then takes over the same function as the original? More precisely, it should take over the base station of the Phantom 4 RTK and be permanently connected to the DJI P4RTK during the mission.
I honestly admit that I have little or no idea about the software that is used to program or set up a UBLOX ZED-F9P receiver that should serve as a base…). Can you tell me what hardware is needed to make a similar GCP/CP that could work like the original base station? I was thinking of the above mentioned Ublox. Would this be suitable?
Many thanks to everyone who actively participates in the thread. Greetings

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clive1 answered 1 year ago

You’d need to pair an ArduSimple board with a micro-controller board with data logging capabilities. Looks to be recording contemporaneous raw-measurement/observation data, perhaps to a RINEX files, or equivalent, based on an internal antenna located in the center point of the target.
You could later solve for the fixed/relative placement of the targets over the survey zone, and against governmental reference sources, and finally against the photo-imagery / raw-measurement logs from the drone. 

gnss.rtk answered 1 year ago

That’s right! In the end, a PPK is to be carried out later using RINEX.
Do you have an example for the use of a Micro-Controller Board?
What is the best way to find out the center of an antenna? In postprocessing the result should be pretty accurate.
Thank you for your quick answer.

clive1 replied 1 year ago

I personally prefer STM32 DISCO boards, several of the F7 family support microSD cards, and I have an H7 one with an eMMC memory. The ones I’ve built generally record hourly RINEX files into a classic directory tree, like CORS or Spider.
You can find antennas that have ANTEX files describing the phase-center(s). You could probably find some 20cm diameter shallow domed ones your could apply a contrasting check-board wrap/sticker on to. Or take a flush aluminum ground plate, square or round, and mount a bulk-head style antenna to.