Matioupi asked 11 months ago

Is it possible to access the extint pin on the current PCB design ?
If not and you go to a v2 design some time ahead, i’d love to get access to this pin for synchronized event tmestamping

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Ardusimple Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Matioupi,

Yes this pin is not available in the current version. It’s a good idea to add it in the next generation, I add it to the candidate changes. May I ask you what do you want to use EXTINT for?

Matioupi replied 11 months ago

e.g. timestamping camera strobe pulse for accurate positionning of a photo event (without any digital data delay issues). That’s the usual way to procceed with high end gnss receiver and airbone cameras

clive1 replied 11 months ago

EVENTIN/TIMEMARK (EXTINT) is classically used in photogrammetry time-tagging and also to close the loop in time transfer applications.

Matioupi answered 11 months ago

Is there a chance that u-blox is able to allow firmware level reconfiguration of their GPIO (e.g. to swap EXTINT and geofence ?)
I actually matter more about EXTINT and that would let me use the feature within current ardusimple design…

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

We will check with u-blox next week

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Matioupi,

So we got some feedback from u-blox. Unfortunately is not possible to reconfigure the EXTINT function to another pin ūüôĀ
In a few months we will do a small update to our board, and thanks to your feedback we have decided to add the EXTINT pin next to the GEOFENCE pin. You will receive a notification about it if you are subscribed to our newsletter.

Thanks again for all your inputs.

amagro answered 10 months ago

Since is not possible to reconfigure the GPIO to have acess to EXTINT pin, is there any “hack” that we can do to acess it?
The main reason why I bought simpleRTK2B boards was to be able to do photogrammetry works with UAV, and EXTINT pin is fundamental to achieve accurate positionning images, it will be a shame if I cannot use the full potencial of the ZED-F9P module.

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

Unfortunately there’s no hack available… for your information, we are doing a small update on the simpleRTK2B to include EXTINT function. You will be notified if you are subscribed to our newsletter.

amagro replied 10 months ago

Will you accept a change of the simpleRTK2B old unit without any usage, by the new one?
The EXTINT functionality is crucial for what I intent to do, but I would not like to spend more money on another board, I already have two of them.


Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

Sorry but we offer such return… we can’t resell a material that we receive from customers. The new board with EXTINT available will start shipping in March.

clive1 replied 10 months ago

I believe that clean boards wouldn’t have any problem moving on eBay, and still be cheaper than SparkFun M8P boards. Where are these boards located?

amagro replied 10 months ago

The boards are in Portugal.
Would you be interested in acquiring them?

clive1 replied 10 months ago

I’m in the US, also have some other perspective on EXTINT, contact off-board sourcer32@gmail.com or PM me on the uBlox forum

Ardusimple Staff answered 9 months ago

Shipping in less than 10 days, we can close this thread.