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Jeremy A Giardina asked 4 months ago
I’m building a system for my farm that will have the RTK2B Pro board in, as well as several other circuit boards to support various farm functions.  I am planning to 3d print a case that will house all the circuit boards with filtered air flow to prevent over heating, but dust and debris getting on the PCBS given the farm environment.  That being said I was wondering if it was possible or if there was a pin for the RTK fix, GPS Fix, and XBEE LEDs so that I can have external LEDs on the lid of the box that light up to indicate these items without having the board exposed to the elements.
I was thinking of using 3mm leds that would be glued right into the 3d print lid if there is a way to wire them to the board.   
replied 4 months ago

Hello Jeremy.
Is it possible you can share the 3D case?

Jeremy A Giardina
replied 4 months ago

I don’t have the case file made yet, I was asking the question before i designed the case.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
Unfortunately no, there’s no pins for all the pins. But with the latest Pro board, the LEDs for RTK, PVT and POWER feature are placed at the edge of the PCB. This is done like this so you can use “led pipes” in plastic boxes, with this you can see the leds from outside without having to solder wires to the board.
Jeremy A Giardina
replied 4 months ago

Perfect, Thank you for the update. I’ll look into LED pipes and incorporate that into my design!

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