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Gábor Csontos asked 1 week ago

Dear Ardusimple
We have problems logging trigger events for PPK.
Our gear: 
Sony A6400
Seagull Sync2 hotshoe adapter
Ardusimple V3 F9P board
I can sucessfully log raw messages after my wish but i got more events than picture shot. About 1%. Earlier we tried to use the V3 board but the developers directed us towards the V3 board so we upgraded.
Still no sucess.

In the case of multiple TIM messages we got 2 message for one shot. 
Does anyone use this board sucessful for event logging?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

Dear Gabor,
Do you have a logfile we could have a look at? You can send to info@ardusimple.com
Also some pictures of your setup with the connection to between the hotshoe and the simpleRTK2B would be really useful.