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yarrr asked 6 days ago
Hello- can you please clarify how EXTINT functions with the new RTK3B Pro when using RTK? 
Is EXTINT “rounded” to the nearest position based on the specified sampling frequency rate, or is it “interpolated” to the exact position point with the RTK solver?
Looking to integrate in UAV with hotshoe connection to a camera, and would like to understand the capabilities of the Mosiac as compared to the F9P.  The F9P works fine for this operation in PPK, but RTK would be preferable in some situations.
Staff replied 6 days ago

Hi yarr,
The EXTINT only has a timestamp. But with the simpleRTK3B you can run RTK at 100Hz, so it’s more accurate to align the timestamp with the nearest position.

replied 11 hours ago

The extint interrupt is supposed to be precise on the order of 20 ns. Ideally it is logged as GPST so you might want to interpolate the precise position of the interrupt based on the position solution file’s timestamps.