enabling RTCM 1114,1104 messages in Ardusimple RTK2B

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dskumher asked 2 months ago
When I enable number of QZSS satellites in UBX-CFG-GNSS window , it again shows zero number of satellites. Is it possible to enable QZSS & also to send related MSM4 RTCM message 1114, also what  about sending RTCM 1104 for SBAS ? I have not seen these messages in the configuration window. Please suggest .

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Default configuration has QZSS enabled. If you disabled and want to enable again, maybe you changed some settings that make it difficult. In this case a firmware upgrade reverts to default and enables QZSS again.
ZED-F9P doesn’t support 1114 nor 1104.
replied 2 months ago

So, if ZED-F9P does not support 1114 then QZSS signals can not be used in RTK fix because RTCM 1114 is MSM4 for QZSS signals ? Am I right ?

Staff replied 2 months ago

Currently ZED-F9P up to 04B version, is only using QZSS constellation for positioning. No RTK corrections are generated nor applied for this constellation.

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