Enabling NMEA messages on UART2

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davidvargasaguilera asked 4 months ago
I’m using RTK Portable Bluetooth kit and I’m trying to enable NMEA messages using a Bluetooth terminal but the receiver doesn’t reply
For instance, this command 
b5 62 06 8a 0e 00 00 01 00 00 ac 00 91 20 01 bb 00 91 20 01 6a 44
Could anyone send me a valid basic command list to test the connection?
replied 4 months ago

This looks to enable RMC and GGA on UART1, and would secondarily depend on CFG-UART1OUTPROT-NMEA

I didn’t check the checksum, if that’s incorrect the receiver will ignore the packet.

Keys and values are described in the Interface Specification document.

The receiver defaults are probably for these to be enabled, but scripts can alter that. Layer 1 is BBR, perhaps use Layer 2 (FLASH) as the boards don’t have a battery/independent supply.

replied 4 months ago

Thanks for your answers, I’ll check everything.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
By default ZED-F9P doesn’t support configuration files via UART2 (bluetooth on the RTK portable kit). You will need to first connect via USB to the PC/phone to enable this feature.
replied 4 months ago

Using the u-center 22.07, I configured UART2 port with Protocol in / out UBX, is this the right way? Baudrate is 38400, I didn’t change this value

With this configuration, should the receiver reply with ACK to the above command?

Staff replied 4 months ago

Yes if you have already 1.32 firmware on the zed-f9p.

replied 4 months ago

I have been doings some tests and a simple command such as b562068a090000010000bc0091200108d1 for enabling GGA on UART2 is not working,
Any suggestion?

replied 4 months ago

The command works if it is sent on UART1 (to enable output on UART2)

Staff replied 4 months ago

I just tested the setup and works for me. Check:
1. You are using correct baudrate
2. The binary command is OK, try another more basic command, it’s easier to start with NMEA commands
3. That after enabling UBX on UART2 you are storing this info in flash (ubx-cfg-cfg)

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