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leonciosl asked 4 years ago
Has anybody got to set a correct bluetooth connection between the PC  and Ardusimple?
I have been traying for a couple of days without get it. 
I don´t know if it is due to my bluetooth module or I´m doing soething wrong in a systematic way. I have proved in several ways (connecting it to arduino Pins, to Xbee radio Pins, connecting a usb bluetooth through USB OTG in the Xbee  USB port… ) and no way.
Connecting it to Xbee  radio Pins I get to power on the bluetooth module and even pairing  the devices, but the connection doesn´t work.
If Somebody has got it, It would be great he would  offer some information about connection configuration and bluetooth  device model.
replied 4 years ago

maybe check this:
For me it helped to fix my bluetooth problems.

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Ken McGuire answered 4 years ago
I use a Bluetooth HC-05 module running at 115200baud connected to the UART1 pins. It is important to set the baud rate correctly for the u-blox, HC-05 and terminal equipment. Also turn OFF all NMEA sentences and just talk UBX to the module since 115200 will be overrun by all the NMEA data plus the configuration data for the module once you have satellites in view. On a laptop I pair, then connect to the HC-05 (I have usually renamed it).
My laptop runs Linux Mint 19-3 and u-center 18.11 under Wine.
I also use this basic setup with M8N and M8T modules with the UART sending Raw data to an Android tablet.
replied 4 years ago

I’m struggling with similar issues. I’m trying to use a HC-05 as BT-device (115200baud). On the simpleRTK2B board it is connected to the 5V and Gnd, and the RX/TX pins of the BT are cross connected to the RX1/TX1 pins on the board. The baud rate is set correct in u-center to 115200 and as You mentioned I disabled all other messanges on UART1 and only use the 0 – UBX. The BT connects without problems, but I don’t get any signal in the apps I use???
As You I use a similar setup with M8T, where I need to send a short startup message to get the right configuration. As far as I’ve read some UBX messages have been updated in the F9P, so that the old startup-script for the M8T doesn’t work anymore. have You updated this?

replied 3 years ago

tengo la sospecha de su problema con la conexión de su bluetooth hc-05 al uart1 pueda estar originado por una nomenclatura inversa entre los pines TX1 y RX1.

Ardusimple Staff answered 4 years ago
In the coming days we will add to our webshop a bluetooth module in XBee format so you can plug it to your boards. It will come pre-configured so you just need to plug-and-play.
Kaupoi answered 4 years ago
I have BT XBee on xbee socket and like leonciosl I have pared it succesfully too, but it is not working. 
How do I change BT XBees baud rate? Could someone tell step-by-step how to do it, because I’m newbie on these things.

Ken McGuire answered 4 years ago
Most likely, the module baud rate is wrong, When you paired with the module, what was the name of the module? if it was HC-05, the baud rate is probably still at the default 9600. You will have to change that.
Look here for a clue, although there is a typo in their diagram, the connections are correct and the procedure works.

Wiring & Programming Bluetooth Bee / XBEE Module with AT Command Set

and here for a list of all the HC-05 commands:

replied 4 years ago

So I need USB To TTL PL2303 converter to connect BT Xbee to computer for configuring?

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