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kmel asked 2 months ago

I am a beginner. I have a Base-Rover set up and want to use it mainly for elevation recording, but the elevation only displays to the nearest tenth of a m, and varies quite considerably. It seems to flatten out after base was set up for 24hrs, but still only displayed to the nearest tenth. Is that as precise as this unit is capable of, or am I missing something in the set up? Viewing data on U Center. 

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi kmel,
By default the receiver is outputting standard NMEA strings which are not ready to support this extra accuracy. You have 2 ways to solve this:
– Activate “NMEA High Precision Mode”, which will add more decimals to the NMEA strings. You can active this mode from UBX-CFG-NMEA, flag “High precision mode”
– Activate UBX-NAV-HPPOSLLH message