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Pat asked 4 years ago
I saw talk of the Global 3G cellular module going into the shop, any chance of the Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT as well. 3Gs being phased out from next year here in Australia. And off the top of your head, any reason it wouldn’t plug n play with SimpleRTK2B easily?
Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Pat,
simpleRTK2B is compatible with Digi XBee 3G and LTE-M modules, the only issue is that no-one has developed a software that can run on their microphyton environment that does the job of connecting to an NTRIP server 🙂 We are still considering if doing it or not, as we are not sure people is willing to pay for the data connection cost.

replied 4 years ago

Thanks, for the answer, here’s a one up from me for it, though I’m imagining I can pull it off easy enough with a couple of androids. Cheers

1 Answers
Hello, you have another option, ESPrtk. It does not require any data charges. It supports NTRIP + Bluetooth + Ublox Configure with high speed WIFI connection. When combining ESPrtk with simpleRTK2B you will have a complete and independent system. Connecting to the SimpleRTK2B is also very simple: F9P ZED Ublox and ESPrtk simpleRTK2B-ESP32 RTK - Low cost RTK - NTRIP MQTT WIFI Bluetooth.jpg

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