Difference between FW version and Simple SSR or PointPerfect

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Vincent Mucchielli asked 10 months ago
I’m struggling to configure my device since I switched to the 1.32 FW to get PointPerfect service from the 4G module.
I was wondering why in the config page it’s mentionned :

And you recommand to use 1.32 + Rover 4G 1hz config for the RTK2B + 4G module where as there is config file for Simple SSR in 1.12 FW up to 10hz.
Is Simple SSR different from PointPerfect service ?
If I downgrade to 1.13, is it possible to use PointPerfect or is there any issue (such as SPARTN incompatibility) ?
I’m asking that because I finally get the RTK fix in 1.32 + 4G but when I connect to USB it seems it doesn’t receive the right NMEA message and no app (such as lefebure) even when I enable all NMEA message out to USB so I’m wandering if a downgrade is worth trying

Staff replied 10 months ago

Hello Vincent,
Please use v1.32 since it contains many upgrades related with PointPerfect.
simpleSSR and PointPerfect is the same, just some marketing terms.
By USB please make sure that UBX-CFG-PRT message has NMEA protocol as Protocol Out and enable only these messages: GGA, GSV,RMC, VTG, GST
If you want to update the output frequency you can do it via UBX-NAV-RATE, but be careful if you have a lot of enabled messages or you may saturate the buffers.
That should be all.
ArduSimple Team

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