Device bricked? Cannot connect anymore.

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hcwinsemius asked 5 months ago

I tried the hack to get both USB ports communicating messages, following
That didn’t work for me for some reason, but before being able to sort that out, I was not able to communicate with the device at all. ucenter gave a “cannot connect to COM5 port” error. Eventually, I managed to get some connection through following
Now I am desparately trying but this also doesn’t work. I manage to get the MON-VER message to display exactly what it says in the instructions. But when I try to get new firmware (v1.12) on the device I get the errors below (I do use the right baud rate as instructed for firmware upgrades).
Hope anyone can help me. Kind regards,

Trebla replied 5 months ago

Don´t know how familiar you are with Real Term, so Maybe my comment eventually won´t be helpful. The hack you tried, for me also had some difficulties. It took a while until i understood, what to do at step 8. of hack tutorial. “Disconnect the COM Port in Real Term” implies, to click the “Port” Button for returning to the page shown in step 5. of tutorial. There you have to click the “Open” button for Closing the COM Port

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Ardusimple Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi hcwinsemius,
Is it solved?

hcwinsemius answered 5 months ago

Hi all,
I solved it. I already send a response but for some reason it wasn’t showing up here. I managed to solve it. I reconnected the board on POWER+GPS to reinstall firmware. That eventually worked, but only after I made sure that the board received enough power with a separate wall outlet. My feeling was that my surface pro 4 usb slot was not providing enough power to get firmware installed.
I also managed to get the 2 USB slots solution working. Not sure what I did wrong in the first place, but it works now!
Thanks for the support!