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Jerry Dueck asked 7 months ago
Hello. Is there a way to detect atmospheric interference on the f9p?
I’m getting some kind of interference at night on my Rovers. Reported by multiple Rovers over a wide area here in Paraguay, South America. From early in the morning, 3 am ish until 9 pm everything is perfect. Very stable Rtk fix. Then the last couple of days at around 9 pm, an Hour after sundown aprox, the rover switches between frtk, Dgps. fast. position drifts and jumps. Running multiple Bases and Distance to Base under 5 kilometers. Tried different methods of injecting correction Data. Bluetooth or Tcp and it makes no difference. Age is always stable at around 1 sec. 
Corrections over tcp/ip or rtk2go its the thing. Now somebody suggested to me that it could be some kind of atmospheric Interference. Would I be able to verify this somehow?
Jerry Dueck
replied 7 months ago

This phenomenon does not occur every night, it’s periodic, and usually a couple of nights in a row. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. A Chcnav user (rtk autosteer from China) said he experienced the same thing.

Staff replied 7 months ago

We are not aware of such event, but could also be a strong intentional or un-intentional jammer nearby, or nearby the base station which then starts broadcasting funny correction data or no correction data at all.

Jerry Dueck
replied 7 months ago

I’ve tried different Bases. I have 4 Bases. They are at different locations and spread apart. If you have a look on Rtk2go there you can find them on the map. I can’t see any difference in the correction data sent, but maybe I don’t know what to look for and where. Can you give me some tips?

Staff replied 6 months ago

If you tried different base station with same results then it is unlikely this is the problem.
In order to support you we would need a logfile from your units while the problem is occurring, otherwise is difficult for us to point you exactly to the problem.
Also check our antenna installation guide to make sure you are not at the limit with your GNSS signals:

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