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Manojpriyadharson Kannan asked 3 weeks ago

I am using the simpleRT2B+heading kit. To evaluate its performance, I planned to fix it on the vehicle and record its data over a time period. First, the base station is being set up. I could see the change in values “Relative position” and “heading angle”. For recording it, as per the website instructions I created a log file via u-center software. And the status was showing recording. After some time, I closed the log file and decided to retrieve the data. Surprisingly, I could see only one position data is being displayed. Could you please help me with the problem? 
And one more question, what does “log status: 20 hex”? And also, will I able to record the change in “relative distance between the antennas” and “heading angle”? Because I could see only the position is being displayed (i.e. lat, long, alt).

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Manojpriyadharson Kannan,
It’s difficult to understand from your description what could be the problem. Maybe a video would give more ideas.

Log status 20, i have never seen it before, maybe if you explain where did you see this it can also help us understand better where could it come from.

About relative position between antennas, if you didn’t change the default configuration it’s already output by default via UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED. If you need the default configuration files you will find them here:

If you didn’t find it, have a look at our hookup guide that might give you more details on what you can do with your kit:

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Now we have read your e-mail in the info@ inbox. You are using the onboard data logging feature. Unfortunately this feature only supports storing of positions in low resolution (e.g. 1 meter error) and doesn’t support storage of heading.