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pliaugusto asked 6 months ago
Is it possible to install sd data logging for ppk and xbee radio at the same time on simpleRTK2B Pro card? I have verified that the sd card data logging uses the xbee socket… I would like to use the radio while recording raw files in sd card.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Yes it is possible, you will need the Shield for Second XBee socket for that.
replied 6 months ago

Tks ! Can i put xbee + bluetooth + Data Logger on the same board? Do I need 2 shields for second plugin to do this? Would this kit fit in the plastic case for simpleRTK boards? Instead of using a shield for second plugin can I solder these plugins directly to the main board?

Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
ZED-F9P only has 2 UARTs. Using our accessories and sockets you will only be able to connect up to 2 XBee devices. But if 2 of your XBee devices can work with the same UART configuration, then you “can” connect them into the same ZED-F9P UART.
Yes you can connect without the Shield for Second XBee socket using wires.

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