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topocomputer1 asked 2 months ago
Good afternoon to the community.
I have had problems in some GNSS data capture sessions carried out with Serial Datalogger to microSD, because when reviewing the collected data, I have noticed that the device has stopped recording for a long time, taking into account the start time and the time when battery power is disconnected. Additional Information:
1. I use Serial Datalogger to microSD supplied by Ardusimple.
2. I use the configuration file to collect raw data supplied by Ardusimple.
3. The XBee switch is on XBEE TO GPS UART1.
4. UATR1 set to 57’600 bps.
5. Satellite tracking is always done in an open rural area, free of trees, buildings, or other obstacles.
6. On UART1 only RXM-RAWX and RXM-SFRBX are enabled as output messages.
7. On UART1 ALL NMEA messages are disabled.
8. The battery used to power ZED F9P is a 10’000 Mah POWER BANK, which has often only used between 20 or 25% of its capacity, when the power was turned off.
Any suggestions to overcome this problem will be welcome.
replied 2 months ago

I use exactly the same equipment (even the power bank is 10’000 mAh!) and I had the same issue when I used the following values in the config.txt file:
I contacted ArduSimple and they told me to change to:
Since then I have recorded hundreds of files and thousands of hours of raw data without any issue.

replied 2 months ago

@vvlachak muchas gracias por el dato. Verificaré la configuración del archivo .txt del datalogger.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
The steps seem correct.
You can send a logfile to and maybe from the content we can guess what is the problem.
replied 2 months ago

La solución a mi problema es la planteada por el usuario @vvlachak, en cuanto al cambio de un parámetro en el archivo config.txt incluido en la micro sd que viene incluido con el registrador de datos.

replied 1 month ago

Thanks @topocomputer1 for the feedback. This information came to me from ArduSimple and I do not get the reason why ArduSimple did not informed you about it.

Staff replied 1 month ago

Thank you vvlachak for your help. Sorry we didn’t want to add complexity without seeing the logfile. Good news issue solved 🙂

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