creating & editing waypoints in SW maps android app

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dskumher asked 2 months ago
I have recently started working in android mobile phone app SW maps. Anyone who has worked in this app please provide the following information :
1-  How to create a point feature in feature layer with desired / known coordinates ( either Lat./ lon. or UTM ) without GPS capture feature ?   I can capture a waypoint ( either with GPS capture feature or create point feature )  but once a point feature is captured either with GPS or with create point  feature , I want to know how I can edit the coordinates of the point captured . Also how I can create a new point whose bearing & distance is given with respect to a point already captured . 
2- Also want to know if this app can work as NTRIP server also ( I have successfully used it as NTRIP client for Ardusimple ). I am sharing the screenshot links.
Please help resolve the issue.

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