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Conrad asked 2 weeks ago

I just bought the SimpleRTK2B.  I want to connect it to my existing Auto Steer – called Free Pilot by FarmerGPS.  I had a SMART-Ag antenna that I want to replace.  I connect my laptop to this Free Pilot by bluetooth and use the FarmerGPS software to steer my tractor.  I got the MAX232 adaptor – (TTL-RS232).  According to the SMART-AG documentation, pin 2 is Com 1 RxD, pin 3 is Com 2 TxD.  How would I connect the wires from the SimpleRTK board via this max232 adaptor? Is Rx1 Com 1 on the board? Tx2 Com 2? Would I solder wire on Rx1 on the board to Tx on the adapter? and Tx2 on the board to Rx on the adapter?  Do I need to change settings in the FarmerGPS software to communicate? 

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

Hi Conrad,
Regarding the connection of the MAX232, it usually has 2 sides: RS232 side and TTL side.
– RS232 side will have to go connected to the COM port of the SmartAg antenna. On this you will have to check the documentation and look for TXD, RXD and connect the correct pin. Also don’t forget GND.
– TTL side will have to go connected to simpleRTK2B, MAX232 TTL TX to simpleRTK2B RX, TTL RX to simpleRTK2B TX.

Finally configuration. You will have to check in the documentation of your SmartAG which baudrate is it expecting, and which messages does it require. Then you can configure this on the board.