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Hind Sossey Alaoui asked 2 years ago

This product is compatible but doesn’t include radio, which is necessary to connect to another base.
Does the simple RTK2B work only with radio to connect to another base ? or does it work with wifi too ? if yes can u please tell me how ?
And can u explain me in case of one base mutliple rovers how do they connect with each other and how can i see the final results ( the position of the rover) ?

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 years ago

simpleRTK2B is compatible with any radio module that communicates with UART. We provide a MR & LR radios, but you can also connect WiFi & 3G radios, but you will have to do the configuration work.
For multi-rover setup, a base sends corrections to multiple rovers without problems.
If you want the rovers to send back the position to base, this is more of a challenge:

  • Our LR radios support around up to 6 rovers sending back position to the base.
  • You will have to add MCU to the base station, that can read from which radio is the position message coming.