connecting UART2 TX/RX pins to empty XBee TX/RX pins to get RTCM correction stream input in rover NTRIP client

Q&A forumCategory: Questionsconnecting UART2 TX/RX pins to empty XBee TX/RX pins to get RTCM correction stream input in rover NTRIP client
dskumher asked 4 years ago
@ardusimple. Although you explained it earlier but I request you to explain once again.
Can I use empty XBee USB of rover simple RTK2board to get RTCM correction stream from NTRIP client ? If yes, then Which TX/RX pins of UART2 to be connected to empty which XBee TX/RX pins so that XBee USB can be used as COM PORT for getting output of NTRIP client in rover PC ? Do I need to power
UART2 TX/RX pins also with external 3.3V power ?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 4 years ago
Yes, you can use XBee USB to receive RTCM corrections.
Some considerations:

  • You can’t use a radio connected to XBee socket or UART2 at the same time
  • You need to bridge TX and RX pins of the XBee socket
  • You need to configure the board as follows:
    • UART2 protocol in: RTCM
    • UART2 protocol out: none
    • UART2 baudrate/databits/…: according to the device you connect to the XBee mini USB port providing RTCM corrections 
replied 4 years ago

Sir, few more questions as I know a very little about TX/RX pins :
1- how to ‘ bridge’ TX/RX pins ? What is meant by bridging ? Do I need connect board TX2-XBeeTX & board RX2-XBee RX or the other way ? Which ground pins to be connected ?
2- How to power the pins ?
3- I will not connect any device to XBee USB. I will just use it to have a free COM PORT to get correction stream in Lefebure NTRIP client. Can I use it for this purpose ?

replied 4 years ago

@ardusimple,I would highly appreciate if you can explain board UART2 TX2/RX2 ————XBee TX/RX ,GND & power pin connections pictorially by diagram for using XBee USB.

replied 4 years ago

P.S., I am not going to use XBee USB for using radio but for COM PORT for connecting to Lefebure NTRIP client for getting RTCM correction stream.

replied 4 years ago

Can you please explain me by pictorial representation ‘bridging’ TX/RX pins of XBee socket, giving power & GND connections to provide RTCM input into rover UART2 from Lefebure NTRIP client via XBee USB ?

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