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marianv asked 4 years ago
I have purchased simpleRTK2B-F9H board for getting heading information. If I understand it well, this unit needs to be connected to a standard  simpleRTK2B with F9P unit to work correctly. However, there seems to be no connector allowing to wire both units together. I did not find any documentation on this. The only (official) way seems to be to connect both units using xbee modules which is not what we want. Because both units will be placed on the same rover, we would like to connect them by wires. Is there any guide explaining how to connect both units? In preference by wiring together pins on xbee connector (we have versions without arduino pins soldered).
Staff replied 4 years ago

simpleRTK2B-F9H is only plug-and-play with simpleRTK2Blite. To connect the standard simpleRTK2B to simpleRTK2B-F9H, you will have to wire via arduino rails or Pixhawk connector.

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marianv answered 4 years ago
Thanks for the fast answer. I am still a bit puzzled. If I purchase simpleRTK2Blite and combine it with simpleRTK2B-F9H and an xbee module, is this combination able to provide  RTK precission gps and the heading? What is bothering me is that if  simpleRTK2Blite is connected on UART1 to F9H and UART2 to xbee, how can I connect it to pixhawk for getting GPS coordinates?
Staff replied 4 years ago

You can also do it with 2 standard size simpleRTK2B, it’s just that you will have to wire the arduino pins.

In the setup that you propose with lite on top of standard variant, on the Pixhawk you will receive NMEA with the RTK position, + RTCM from moving baseline to the F9H. You will have to ignore the RTCM messages and only read the NMEA ones.

clive1 answered 4 years ago

I stack these things, the top-side unit would be the F9H shield. RTCM3 data is feed from the lower to upper shield via UART2 connection. Lower unit would have Radio in this configuration, but I push that data in via UART1 on my Arduino socketed radio board, and can talk to UART1 of both receivers.
replied 4 years ago

Thanks clive, I’ll check it.

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