Connecting Bluno Bee (serial to bluetooth 4.0 module with XBee form factor)

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Maximilian Torggler asked 7 months ago

I have a Bluno Bee (serial to bluetooth 4.0 module with XBee form factor) lying around (This one: , and I wanted to ask if and how this could be connected with the simplerTK2B board. The end goal would be to broadcast the data as a GATT service which can then be read using the Web Bluetooth API.
Which configuration would I need to apply so that the BLE board sends the data the same way your Bluetooth 2.0 module does/is this event possible?
Thanks in advance!

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

The configuration of the simpleRTK2B board is the same.

Bluetooth 4 doesn’t support natively a “serial port”. Each manufacturer has done its own “serial port” protocol over GATT service.
– This custom “serial port” over bluetooth4 is probably integrated on the Bluno Bee module, you will have to configure it with a certain baudrate.
– On the mobile phone, none of the GPS apps will understand this custom “serial port”. You will have to integrate a library of Bluno Bee to make an app, that converts from this custom “serial port” to a serial port on the phone that can be used by any GPS.

For this compatibility challenge we decided to not make a bluetooth 4 XBee plugin.

maximilian.torggler replied 7 months ago

I’d write the app myself anyways, so the only thing to do would be to correctly interpret the incoming data, right?
I’m not sure what I should set as the baudrate.
But let’s say I set the correct baudrate, should the data then automatically be transmitted via this GATT service?
Right now I’m struggling to receive any data, the GATT Service Characteristic just returns a static value

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

It’s not only interpret incoming data, you need to integrated the “GATT to serial library” that probably Bluno Bee has. GATT is not developed for serial transfers, it’s a register based protocol with limited length. I think you will have to open a ticket in their forum, here there’s not much more we can say…