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beatified asked 2 years ago
I am trying to get my LR radio to receive RTCM data and Bluetooth sending to my phone for SW Maps. I can get both working but it doesn’t seem I can do both at the same time. When I connect the Bluetooth module I can connect to it but I loose RTCM data. Can you please detail the settings on both the board RTK2B V3 and the adapter board for the second Xbee module.
In specific…
Where should the LR Radio be plugged in? RTK2B or Adapter Board?
Switch position of RTK2B for UART? Xbee to UART1 or UART2?
Switch Position of IOREF Switch? Inputs or Outputs?
And Switch Position of Adapter Board UART? Xbee to UART1 or UART2
And then any settings in U-Center that need to be set to reflect the above settings.
Staff replied 2 years ago

When using the V3 and the Shield, it’s important to use them with the following settings:
– V3 socket with switch to UART2.
– Shield socket with switch to UART1.
– Then you can mount the radio and bluetooth on any socket, you need to configure the UART baudrate accordingly. We find it easy to use the bluetooth on the UART1, in case you want to send some UBX messages over bluetooth.

replied 2 years ago

Can you please Tell me what to configure in U-Center?

Staff replied 2 years ago

With our suggestion above:
UART2 at 115’200bps, you will receive correction data.
UART1 at 38’400bps, this will be sent over bluetooth.

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