Connectign LR radio module to a base station using TrimTalk450S and 443300 HZ

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsConnectign LR radio module to a base station using TrimTalk450S and 443300 HZ
davi asked 4 months ago
Hello I purchased an RTK2B lite bluetooth kit and a radio module separatedly as I wanted to try both options (direct radio link and NTRIP functionality).
I had been trying but I cannot figure out how to configure the radio and board combination to make it work, NTRIP with bluethoot is perfect no issues there.
I have ublox center and XCTU to configure the board and the radio but I am missing the proper knowledge and I am starting to get lost among all the options.
Thank you for the guidance
Have a great day!
replied 4 months ago

Just to clarify, the base station that I want to connect to is the one using the TrimTalk450S protocol at a frequency of 443300 Hz. Is the rover that I want to configure to connect to said base station

replied 4 months ago

Are these even compatible in frequency, modulation or methods to the XBee Long-Range radios?
Perhaps find a compatible radio for the Rover end with RS232 output, and level shift that into a CMOS 3.3V level you can push into Arduino TX2 pin (with appropriate Ground, and 3.3V on IOREF)

replied 4 months ago

Perhaps something from Pacific Crest, CalAmp etc

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davi answered 4 months ago
Thank you for the help Clive
Unfortunately you are right and the frequency the Xbee radio works and the base station transmit are not compatible (I am not even sure if that can be easily changed with the XTCU software) so for the moment the radio module has no use but the rest of the set up is perfect.
Guess that I only learn the hard way haha
Have a nice day everyone!

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