Connect to NTRIP caster from Raspberry Pi with simpleRTKb

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Magnus Boström asked 4 weeks ago

I have a simpleRTK2B connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi. I want to send RTCM messages to the NTRIP caster When I try to do this with RTKlib str2str it refuses to get mounted on its mountpoint. Has anybody got this working with str2str on a RPi?
A workaround that works, is to send the the raw data from the usb port with ser2net to a tcp port on the RPi, e.g with ” 6000:raw:600:/dev/ttyACM0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS XONXOFF LOCAL -RTSCTS” in the ser2net.conf file. Then the data is sent to the NTRIP caster with RTKlib STRSVR running on a PC. This works fine also if the data is sent with RTKlib str2str from the USB port to a TCP port on the RPi, so the problem is that str2str cannot connect to the mountpoint (the same mountpoint that works fine with STRSVR) on
I don’t want to do this via a PC. Has anybody had any success to send RTCM messages directly from a RPi?