Connect to IARTN (United States State of Iowa, Real Time Network (corrections)

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prichards asked 3 months ago

     Where I live, the state of iowa provides a real-time corrections network.
     Here I believe they use a bluetooth serial connector linked to a cell-phone that feeds real-time rtk corrections to the rtk unit.
      Is your unit also setup to receive real-time corrections over a serial/bluetooth connection?

clive1 replied 3 months ago

It can use RTCM3 packets furnished on any of the interfaces.
See the ZED-F9P Interface Specification for a full list of supported messages.
For BlueTooth you’d likely need an XBee / BlueTooth to establish a serial connection with an NTRIP client running on a smart-phone.

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gdt answered 4 weeks ago

I have had good results using the WiFi NTRIP Master connecting to MassDOT’s network, using a phone as a hotspot.