Connect ardusimple (simpleRTK2B with ZED-F9P) to u-center via Bluetooth

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Robert Gundacker asked 8 months ago

Is it possible to connect ZED-F9P (ardusimple) to u-center via Bluetooth ?
I tried to connect ardusimple to u-center via Bluetooth XBee-Modul (connected to UART2), but it was not succesful. I did not see the COM-Port in u-center.
But the connection with Putty ( Telnet client was succesful.

– ardusimple (RTK2B) with XBEE Bluetooth Modul
– u-center 19.10 running on Windows 10

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Should be possible as long as you have a bluetooth serial port driver on the PC, so the bluetooth shows as a COM port. If you could connect with putty, you should be able to connect with u-center, check that the baudrate in u-center is correct and that the com port is not used by putty when you open u-center.