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Philip Trickett asked 1 year ago
When uploading the configurations for the heading kits for rtk2b and 2blite, I updated the firmware on the ublox zed9 and uploaded the config, when I do this I get a configuration mismatch error.
The message says the configuration is for 1.13 but the version of the firmware is 1.30.
Will this cause a problem with the configuration?
Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Philip,
We are currently testing FW version 1.30 and we will be updating soon our configuration files to this version. Until then we can only recommend using our configuration files with 1.13, thank you for your patience.

Philip Trickett
replied 1 year ago

Thanks for the answer, I’ll try and downgrade the firmware to 1.13

replied 12 months ago

The settings give a WARNING because the version numbers at the head of the script don’t match exactly.
Better to actually UNDERSTAND what’s being configured so rational choices can be made.

replied 11 months ago

any news for config files to firmware 1.30?

replied 11 months ago

Generation 9 Configuration Files for the underlying configuration changes are posted here.

Perhaps also helps illustrate the scope of the changes

Staff replied 10 months ago

We just updated our configuration files website to include both FW 1.13 and FW 1.30:

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