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Massimo asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I just bought a simpleRTK2B + a lite board to implement a gps solution for heading position. I loaded the configurations for rover (on the large board) and the moving base (on the lite board) using your preconfigured files. What I was expecting it’s a measure of heading in the RELPOSNED message on the rover USB port (using u-center) but I do not see anything (grayed values)
What am I missing ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

If it’s in grey, it means either:
– The configuration file is not uploaded correctly
– The wrong configuration file was uploaded

Check that you are following all steps in the page

Check that you are using not the standard rover file, but the rover of the simpleRTK2B+heading kit

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maxdod answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks ! I checked and applied again the configurations. Probably the problem arised because I feeded the rover with ntrip rtcm data (no heading output). Actually I am able to get  the heading even if the results are not good. Moving the rover antenna position (for example I move 90° degrees the rover antenna than the moving base antenna fixed ) produces unreliable results. So I have more questions: If I want to apply ntrip correction from a base station have I to send to the moving base USB port ? why have I nonsense headings measurements ? I followed the suggestions on your tutorial and posed the antenna > 1 meter distance I want to use this configuration as IMU in a rover navigation package with ROS but I have to be confident about heading position Thanks Massimo

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

With our configurationf files, NTRIP data must be sent via the POWER+XBEE connector.
Unreliable results usually happen when signal levels are not strong enough. Did you follow all guidelines from the GNSS antenna installation guide?

maxdod answered 3 weeks ago

thanks, I will send Ntrip to xbee port. In the meanwhile I tried again using 5hz configuration instead of 10hz that I tested yesterday. It seems to work better. I tested it putting the two antennas on the roof of my car, 2meters width . I got perfect heading while I was moving with my car. To compare I used the bussola of my iPhone and I have seen the same values while I was moving