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maltan asked 2 years ago
I would like to temporarily use the configuration of a rover simpleRTK2B, which is associated with a raspberry, with the configuration of a base

I’m looking for an easy way to change a configuration without Ucenter.
I would like to send a CMD file with a raspberry.
I do not want to change the non-volatile memory.
How can I use a configuration file to send as a CMD file?

1 Answers

By default, all configurations will only be saved to RAM and will be lost when the power is turned off. To avoid (not saving) settings on non-volatile memory. Just just don’t enable save to FLASH or EEPROM. See page 38 (UBX-CFG-CFG) in this document.
To send configuration to F9P , the software must send according to UBlox protocol and must have (at least) the ability to confirm the configuration successfully. See page 28 (UBX Protocol) in this document.
To get the hex code string to configure quickly in UCenter for CMD, see more: Example-configuration       or   get some configure file had created .