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ricardinhufcp asked 1 year ago
Good Afternoon,

I have a “simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit LR” working with two adicional arduinos Nano RP2040 (to check and save position values). My question is: how can i connect/communicate the base and rover, when using each arduino to power each RTK2B?


replied 1 year ago

Awkwardly stated.
The XBee radios would surely communicate between the Base and Rover as they would normally with the kit?

You mean interfacing to the Nano?

The Nano RP2040 would need to power the RTK2B via a bridged VUSB pad, and a USB cable/charger

RP2040 vs RTK2B
TX1 to RX1
RX0 from TX1
3V3 to IOREF

Communications would then be via Serial1 at 38400 baud.
Done this with both NANO IOT33 and RP2040 boards.
Also had WiFi working.

replied 1 year ago

Hello again,

Thanks for the links. The situation is as follows: The base will be fixed in the office and the rover will be placed in a car that will move outside.
I have an Arduino Nano Rp2040 for each board, but I don’t know how to make the base communicate with the rover.
Just use the NMEA code you provided on both arduinos and it works?

replied 1 year ago

The LR kits should come configured so that the radios on them transfer the prerequisite data from the Base to the Rover.

replied 1 year ago

Hello again!

Both Arduinos need to run the same NMEA code you provided? Or just in one of the Arduinos to have base and rover configuration?

Thank you

replied 1 year ago

The code just reads and decodes the NMEA stream. If you want to see what the Rover is reporting for position just connect to that.

The default configuration for the Base, Rover and Radios is that the Base comes up and transmits it’s RTCM3 observations across the radio to the Rover, and the Rover solves for its position.

I’m really not sure this is a complicated and convoluted as you’re making it.

The Kits should come preconfigured, there are scripts,but you shouldn’t need them. Try to make it work as delivered.

replied 1 year ago

The question is that we need to read the values of the rover position in monitor serie of Arduino IDE. So we just need the NMEA code in arduino of the Rover and only have the base connected in PC without Arduino?

replied 1 year ago</p&gt;

I have an error printing the values of NMEA code that you provide. I already tried to change the baudrate, but the characteres are printing like the example in the previous link. You have any idea how to fix it?

replied 1 year ago

Is it outputting NMEA or UBX, at what baud rate?
Connect the ZED board via the GPS USB connector and check settings/configurations in use, via uCenter (Classic, 21.09)

replied 12 months ago

Is there any configuration file that could handle that configuration for me, for the rover and base?

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