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greg.hauck asked 1 month ago

Hi, I just received my SimpleRTK2B with NTRIP Master.  I am not able to connect with u-center with my Windows 10.  No Comm Port shows up in the u-center config page.  I tried it with the NTRIP Master installed and not installed with the same results.  I know the USB is full featured because I use the same cable to connect with both of my arduino boards.  Your documentation says if you are using Windows 10 you don\’t need to install any extra drivers.  Should I install the drivers listed in your documentation?  Would it cause any more problems if installed in a Windows 10 computer?  Is there any kind of a application I can run on my MAC just to test that my SimpleRTK2b USB connection is working for a sanity check? Thanks

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Dear Greg,
1. If I understood you correctly you connect the simpleRTK2B board to a Windows 10 PC, with a cable that is for data (not a power-only cable), and under Device Manager, there’s no COM port?
2. You write in the tags “u-connect”. u-connect is a software for bluetooth devices from u-blox, not for gps. For gps is called “u-center”. Can you confirm you are using the right software?

greg.hauck replied 1 month ago

My apologies. I meant u-center.

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greg.hauck answered 1 month ago

Hi, so I learned the PC I was given originally started out as a Windows 7 and someone upgraded to Windows 10. So I installed the u-blox VCP driver and now I am seeing a comm port show up. Seems to be solved. Now on to the next steps.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

good news, thanks for the update