Cofiguration load error(UART1/UART2) on the RTK2B card

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Anand Kumar asked 1 year ago
I wanted to ask about a error i am constantly having even after the system has been set up and tested successfully. 
I have the RTK2B LR kit, and i have configured it as mentioned on the web page and everything was running fine, until yesterday, for some reason the, the rover and Base automatically switch to UART1 configuration, instead of UART2 configuration which I saved. I tried multiple times using the method provided, CFG-CFG (select all, send current config) .

I am running the base via laptop, and the rover is powered by powerbank on the power+gps end. 
I have tried starting the configuration from scratch, close the u-center app and restart again, and boot again.. However, the problem persists. 

When i load and save the configuration on the card via laptop, it accepts it. But once I plug it to powerbank, even with everything set, (base and rover), the RTK doesn’t pick it up(it worked perfectly fine till two days ago when I last checked). on checking the board, the ports were switched to UART1 automatically. 

Baudrate selected is 57600, and later tried with 115200 bps. 

What solution can I implement or any specific methodology to fix this problem? 


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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
This doesn\’t sound as normal. A couple of ideas:

    1. Are you doing the last step of storing configuration into flash memory? UBX-CFG-CFG \”save current configuration\”? Otherwise when unplugging from pc and plugging to powerbank it will go to previous settings


    1. Is your base station in TIME mode when you store the settings? If yes, you are also storing the position of the base station on the settings, and then if you move the base station into a new location it will get crazy.


  1. In general I would revert back to default with UBX-CFG-CFG, and then follow the steps one by one of the configuration files page:</li&gt;
Anand Kumar
replied 1 year ago

Yes the UBX_CFG_CFG step is done at last.
No since I am just sing the card, I have’t connected it to beacon and antenna.

This problem is quite recent. till yesterday evening, it was working perfect, with base recieving the rtk and pover position, but for some reason next time, everytime i connect the card, all the configuration except the uart stays the same.

I also noticed something, so i load and save the CFG, take take out the card, plug it in powerbank… and then put it back to laptop, if the same ucenter window is open, it connected automatically and the settings show nicely. However if i close the u-center interface and open and connect the card again, it reverts back to UART1 settings. rest everything stays the same (other configurations)
Is there a possibility of some error from the interface itself, maybe? if so, any method to fix it promptly?

Lastly, if i have two stand alone kits, can i make them work simultaneously with allocating two different baudrate on the rover UART2 port and two base(obviously)?

If so, what combination/pair of baudrate whould you recommend for the same?


Thank you

Staff replied 1 year ago

Are you using u-center 2? This one doesn’t support ZED-F9P and would explain all this funny things.

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