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rosagriculture asked 4 years ago
On this tutorial:
It has the output rate at 5hz

  • simpleRTK2B configured to report data at 5Hz

I looked in UBlox U-Center under Messages – UBX – cfg – RATE:
configure rate 
But didn’t find a place to change it to 5hz.

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replied 4 years ago

Or do I change the measurement period to 200 ms?

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rosagriculture answered 4 years ago
Changing the Measurement Period to 200 ms updated the output rate to 5 hz.
replied 2 years ago

I changed the measurement Period in U-center for an effective output rate of 10 Hz and saved settings to the device. However, I still get an output at 2 Hz. Is there something wrong I’m doing ? I am using the ublox ros driver as indicated here -> .
Changing the nav_rate parameter in the yaml file also doesn’t effect the output rate of the /gps/fix messages.

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