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unic0rned asked 7 months ago

did anyone yet make a model to print a case for the Ardusimple Shield? I want a case only for the Shield made either from 3D printed plastic or laserCut from plywood.
I have the machines available but wanted to ask if someone already made a case 🙂

best regards

power64 replied 5 months ago

A compatible 3D Printable ArduSimple SIMPLERTK2B (v1.0) case is now on Thingverse for download.

I started this case back in late December and it sadly went through many iterations and then got delayed getting out. Please enjoy for any non-commercial use and later this week, a few will be available in PLA Carbon Fiber with screws for those without access to a printer or you can find any online 3D print service and upload the STL.

Hopefully there will be an advanced version in the near future with integrated Antenna Mount with the Ardusimple board mounted inside that can be screwed onto a 5/8″ survey pole mount with it’s own printable tripod or mag mount base. Prototyping is almost done on this one, but the extension legs are giving some issues. Mahalo.

leonciosl replied 5 months ago

Great!! It looks very nice!!…
Only… I´m seeing the distance between “xbee Usb” and “Xbee Ext Ant” .. have you tested it with the latest version of Xbee LoRa Modules?
Last week I received my LR Pack and the Xbee LoRa modules are quite larger than the Xbee bluetooth Module and than the module than appeared in the SimpleRTK STL. This evening i could try to take the measure (approx) since the center of the Simplertk screw to the edge of the LoRa Xbee Module.
Very very interesting your future version with antenna mount integrated. 🙂

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Kaupoi answered 7 months ago

I don’t have machines to make case so I bought one. Best one I found for my rover was Kradex Z97 . Bought it from
Photo 1
Photo 2
I think it would be nice if Ardusimple had a case as an option in their web shop.

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Stay tuned, will be announced soon 🙂

geom answered 7 months ago

I was looking for an enclosure for the ArduSimple board to build a compact unit for field survey.
I found a nice TAKACHI 10x10cm IP67 enclosure.
ArduSimple Board
5.000 mAh Lipo
Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Charger to charge the battery and supply the board with 5V
A small switch to power on/off the board (connected to the Adafruit PowerBoost)
USB breakout connector to power the charger
The antenna is fixed to the lid with 3 screews The cable was shorted to 15 cm with a new angled SMA connector
HC-05 BT module glued inside to the lid of the box (connected to UART1)
Communiation via USB Amperol connector (connected to the USB-GPS of the board for u-blox)
A few light cables from LED => box
When switched on, the board and BT is powered and board can be acccesd via Bluetooth or USB.
Works well with LEFEBURE NTRIP client or NTRIP-client from MapitGis
On bottom a 8mm hole can hold an adapter for mounting on standard poles for survey
Front View
Back view
Bottom View
View inside enclosure

flywire replied 6 months ago

Nice. Which enclosure?

unic0rned answered 7 months ago

Hey thanks for the input.
I made a 3D Model myself. Once I checked if it is fine after laser cutting it I can upload it.

skypuppy answered 6 months ago

Would really like to be able to 3D print one!  Can you include the model, too, so that we can change things if we need to, please?

Kaupoi answered 5 months ago

Just fitted my second simpleRTK in to the 92x58x32mm box. Bought it from Aliexpress.!Ao6_PnVNR5RXg_QQ3jvmShmDuptO0Q!Ao6_PnVNR5RXg_QRJKsTsAf29TgwIA

arwooldridge replied 5 months ago

Also fits well in a Hammond RP1085C 105x75x40mm with transparent lid. Screws ( with washers) in mounting holes in box bottom just grip the four corners nicely. The transparent lid is useful, but I suppose you could make a transparent perspex lid for the 3D case too.