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unic0rned asked 3 weeks ago

did anyone yet make a model to print a case for the Ardusimple Shield? I want a case only for the Shield made either from 3D printed plastic or laserCut from plywood.
I have the machines available but wanted to ask if someone already made a case 🙂

best regards

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Kaupoi answered 3 weeks ago

I don’t have machines to make case so I bought one. Best one I found for my rover was Kradex Z97 . Bought it from
Photo 1
Photo 2
I think it would be nice if Ardusimple had a case as an option in their web shop.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Stay tuned, will be announced soon 🙂

geom answered 3 weeks ago

I was looking for an enclosure for the ArduSimple board to build a compact unit for field survey.
I found a nice TAKACHI 10x10cm IP67 enclosure.
ArduSimple Board
5.000 mAh Lipo
Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Charger to charge the battery and supply the board with 5V
A small switch to power on/off the board (connected to the Adafruit PowerBoost)
USB breakout connector to power the charger
The antenna is fixed to the lid with 3 screews The cable was shorted to 15 cm with a new angled SMA connector
HC-05 BT module glued inside to the lid of the box (connected to UART1)
Communiation via USB Amperol connector (connected to the USB-GPS of the board for u-blox)
A few light cables from LED => box
When switched on, the board and BT is powered and board can be acccesd via Bluetooth or USB.
Works well with LEFEBURE NTRIP client or NTRIP-client from MapitGis
On bottom a 8mm hole can hold an adapter for mounting on standard poles for survey
Front View
Back view
Bottom View
View inside enclosure

flywire replied 2 weeks ago

Nice. Which enclosure?

unic0rned answered 3 weeks ago

Hey thanks for the input.
I made a 3D Model myself. Once I checked if it is fine after laser cutting it I can upload it.

skypuppy answered 3 weeks ago

Would really like to be able to 3D print one!  Can you include the model, too, so that we can change things if we need to, please?