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dingausmwald asked 2 weeks ago

Guys, i really despair. I cant, by the love of god, save my settings permanently. All the manuals are missleading. People saying i have to go to cfg cfg, mark this and that, posting a picture directly after with totaly different values. In addition, when i do right click on PRT and press poll message, he polls back to i2c. When i press \”poll\” at the bottom of the window, nothing happens.  Shouldnt this be the same functions? I loaded a config file from textfile from the site (for 113, the bluetooth one) but its not saved either. The whole device should come preconfigured. BUT NOTHIN WORKS out of the box. The first message the android ntrip client gave me was waiting for GGA. People wrote, active uart 2… i did. Cant save it. It works though bluetooth when connected with usb to u center. When restarted, it doenst.WHYYY… WHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Dear dingausmwald,

Thank you for your description.

1. Could you confirm which product do you have? simpleRTK2B, simpleRTK2Blite or one of the professional kits? bluetooth from our website or from another website, where is it connected? As many details will help us support you faster.

2. Can you confirm if you only used UBX-CFG messages or you also used CFG-VALSET messages?

3. What is your final goal? Connect to Lebefure or SW Maps?

With above information we will try to help you

clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

Polling UBX-CFG-PRT returns the state of all 5 interfaces, zero being I2C, and the dialog resets to show fresh combo-box and selections.