Can't get something different than 3D fix

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Barcaz01 asked 9 months ago

I revert simpleRTK2b to default configuration and now I’m not able to get any fix (it always stays in 3D mode) when connecting to my NTRIP service. I tried enabling UBX-MSG-RTCM in USB port and then in all ports to see if something would be happening. 
I use frequency of 10Hz, but tried also 1Hz.
NTRIP client is connected as I see log data  (“data received from server..”). After very long time, maybe I get corrections (in the same place where I always got corrections in few seconds!).
Any suggestion?

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

Hi Andrea,
If you returned the board to default you might be missing to re-configure a parameter.
Through which interface are you sending correction to the board? If it’s UART2 (i.e. XBee socket) you will have to enable NMEA output on this port. You can do this from ubx-cfg-prt message. Remember to store this configuration in the flash using ubx-cfg-cfg.

Barcaz01 replied 9 months ago

My board is connected with USB to the PC using u-center. My UART2 is disabled because I’m re-routing Bluetooth socket to UART1 to send UBX messages with bluetooth (this solution worked before).
Both USB and UART2 have “0+1+5 UBX+NMEA+RTCM3” as input and output.
After very long time, maybe because I pressed something, I get the fix with these results:
The issue is that I always get fixed in few seconds in the same place before reverting to default the board.
It seems like RTCM messages are received but no satellites are corrected. Initially in UBX-RXM-RTCM I get only two messages supported (1006 and 1033) and lots of unsupported, then after long time if I get fixed there’s 4 messages supported (1004-1006-1012-1033).

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

The RTCM messages that you are listing are not the typical ones. It could be that the NTRIP server / mountpoint that you are accessing doesn’t have the right RTCM messages for ZED-F9P. Try with a different service that contains:
1074/1077: GPS
1084/1087: GLONASS
1094/1097: GALILEO
1124/1127: Beidou
1230: GLONASS code-phase