can't change max channels per constellation

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josegarcia asked 9 months ago

Hi. I have been trying to get more than 16 GPS channels but this config cannot be changed with u-center. I am getting 16 channels but need more because some satellites are getting only one signal as there are no channels left for the second.  The datasheet says 168 channels are available, is it possible to prove this is true, at least by going over the 60 channel limit shown in u-center?
I encountered this limitation while trying to get L2 signal for G20 and G21 satellites, which I have been unable to do.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Jose,
I can see more satellites, not sure if you are looking at the right message/window. If you enable the message ubx-nav-sig you will see all satellites in view incl L1 and L2.

josegarcia replied 8 months ago

How can you change the config to more than 16 GPS ? I do not see more than 16 in nav-sig o rawx

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Jose,
Sorry for the delay. We checked and you are right, with zed-f9p the number of channels for gps navigation is limited to 16, and can’t be changed. Note that not all channels (168) are used for navigation, there’s also channels that are only used to search new satellites.