Can you please add a 5/8-11 mount to the antenna and get then NGS calibrated?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsCan you please add a 5/8-11 mount to the antenna and get then NGS calibrated?
drf5n asked 9 months ago

Looks like The US National Geodetic Service only calibrates antennas sold with 5/8-11 attachment points and defined orientations.

Maybe if Ardusimple glued some 5/8-11 PVC nuts per or some 5/8-11 angle grinder nuts per onto the bottoms of some its antennas and sold them as 5/8-11 survey mount antennas, they could also submit them to the NGS per
If the antenna really does provide comparable performance as the Tallysman per , then having their antenna NGS calibrated could be a big selling point, and a good way to get your name out there.
The antenna has +10 euro option for the ublox antenna.  Maybe you could add an option for survey-compatible mounting.
The NGS ANTCAL database has a Tallysman TWI7972+GP calibration entry for a unit that doesn’t look too much more complicated than a flat unit bolted to a 5/8-11 adapter.

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clive1 answered 9 months ago

Isn’t the issue here that you can’t just slap a bolt on something? The calibration means you’ve got some significant rigour to your production and test processes so all the antenna you build are with tight tolerance of the one you got calibrated?
Perhaps someone has access to one of the GEO++ Robot Antenna calibration system, and can generate some usable data from that?
You’d do better with something at least constructed for the job and adequately sized.

clive1 replied 9 months ago

I believe Navilock sells this same one, but they charge 400 EUR

drf5n replied 9 months ago

Take a look at the NGS detail for the Tallysman TWI7972+GP from the page (the navigation seems awkward on my Mac– choose Tallysman-Wireless and hover over the entries)- the submitted drawing doesn’t have the mount defined ( ), and from the pic the mount looks built up ( ). Maybe a with an unspecifed 100mm ground plane. If Ardusimple could use a jig to slap things on, I bet they could manage millimeter-level repeatability of the mount easily.

From the bottom-view pic as shown, I’m not sure that that’s made of standard as-sold Tallysman parts, or actually has the reuired 5/8-11 mount. If that’s a 100mm extra ground plane in the pic, then the inside diameters are about 16mm, 26mm, and 45mm, which do not quite match specs.

What I’m saying is they don’t have significant rigor and that Ardusimple could make their own version of a mount or buy a couple Tallysman 23-0065-0 adapters and similarly adapt them to attach them to their own antennas, and ship them to NGS for free calibration and good publicity.

Ardusimple Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi all,
Thanks for your inputs, very valuable information for us. Currently we are not planning this addition to our current antenna, but it’s a great feedback for our future products.