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Can please update configuration files to 1.30 firmware?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsCan please update configuration files to 1.30 firmware?
Barcaz01 asked 3 weeks ago
Hi and happy new year to all,
can please Ardusimple update the configuration files in this site of base and rover to the version 1.30 of the firmare?
Here in Italy, should I enable Gps,Glonass,Galileo and Beidou satellites to send correction in RTCM? Do I have to disable something or some satellites?
Thank you very much for your support
Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Barcaz,
We are still testing FW version 1.30, will update the configuration files soon.

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clive1 answered 3 weeks ago

I’d like to demystify the scripts so we can perhaps get beyond them and understand what’s actually being changed. That way we can all get collectively smarter and less dependent.
There is unfortunately a lot of other unrelated clutter in the dumps which is perhaps why they had bricking issues.
I’m in the process of automating this, and generating Series 9 configurations where the settings and key names are called out, and written to RAM, BBR and FLASH

replied 2 weeks ago

Ok, so as Generation 9 Advanced Configuration Files to use via “Load from file”

While these aren’t FW HPG 1.30 centric, there’s also nothing terribly HPG 1.13 centric about them either, and there’s not a UBX-MON-VER check to throw up a cautionary warning, as it’s just publicly documented keys, changing from the recevier default settings, and in a text format you can edit/view if you want.