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Matioupi asked 2 months ago

would it be possible to release some CAD models / drawings (especially mounting holes position and position of connectors) of the board to allow easier design of a custom case ?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago

In the Specs > Mechanical section of the product description you have the links to download the CAD models:

Matioupi replied 1 day ago

I just started designing and printing a case (3D printing) for the ardusimple, and I guess that the 3D model is quite inacurate.
e.g. the GNSS SMA connector has probably changed since the CAD file available on the web site andis not at the same vertical location…
Will have to redo… I should have checked dimensions once the calliper was out (to accomodate the LR xbee side)

Matioupi replied 1 day ago

Also I can add that the location of the holes on the PCB are not the best ones in the world !

Matioupi answered 1 day ago
Matioupi replied 1 day ago

so the SMA connector on my board is not the one one the CAD 3D model, nor on the picture of the board on the website…. (and the one I have makes it more difficult to make a case…)

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 hours ago

Hi Matioupi,
Yes, the SMA of the CAD is not the same that we used in production, we didn’t want to delay the production and we had to source a plan B. We will update the CAD as soon as we can. Sorry for that.

Matioupi replied 11 hours ago

Thanks for the confirmation. A new version is printing right now… I will share it once I’m happy with the result ! I’ve only edsigned the bottom part at the moment.