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George3115 asked 4 years ago
first of all I want to thank you for the project. For a long time I am looking for low budget DGPS solution.
I own some forest. Unfortunately I don’t really know where my land is. I do have KML-files with the land. Therefore I want to search for cornerstone with help of simpleRTK2B and ntrip-service from sapos (
It would be great if someone could help with some questions.
1. I think I need the following parts:
Do I need “Hearders soldered” when I want to use the bluetooth module in an easy way?
1.2 Bluetooth modul

Bluetooth module

1.3 Antenna

Survey GNSS Multiband antenna (IP66)

Is this antenna the best one for forest, with maybe bad condition to the sky?
1.4 Pole

Pole for survey GNSS antenna

1.5 Configuration

Configuration Service

What information do you need in my case?
1.6 Did I forget something?
2. Do I need some more cables or small parts?
3. Do I need a soldering gun?
4. Do you have a case for the board?
Sorry for the broken English.
Thanks for your help.

Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi George:
– You don’t need headers soldered, this is only needed to connect with arduino if you want to program. You don’t need soldering iron.

For your case, i think the easiest is this kit:
You might want to upgrade with optional survey antenna:
And also optional a survey pole:

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