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mw2.parkis asked 11 months ago

HI ArduSimple team,
I have 1 simpleRTK2B for my application. I would now build an RTK base with Long Range radio. Would you please let me know the hardware setup and the additional hardware I need. Is there any tutorial available?

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

You need:
1x rover LR
1x radio LR for your existing board:

LR radios are pre-configured, you can load our configuration files to base and rover:

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mw2.parkis answered 7 months ago

Hi Ardusimple,
I follow your suggestion to change both boards to rover configuration.
+ USB cable connects POWER_XBEE and PC
+ run XCTU, close u-center
[case 1] simpleRTK2B #2007 [rover] port detected but no detection of any XBEE (2 XBEE tested)
[case 2] simpleRTK2B #2007 [rover] port detected and 2 XBEE detected as
i) 115200/8/N/1/N – AT; XBee SX 868; MAC: 0013AxxxxxxxxxxA
ii) 115200/8/N/1/N – AT; XBee SX 868; MAC: 0013AxxxxxxxxxxD
Hope that I can get some suggestions from your side.
Best Regards,

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi mw2.parkis,
seems like one of your simpleRTK2B boards is defective/damaged. Unfortunately the only way to continue is to send the “failing” board + one radio (so we can reproduce your problem) for service. You can contact us at to start the return process.

mw2.parkis answered 7 months ago

HI Ardusimple team,
My boards have been sent to your company last week. I would like to know what is the normal period for the analyzing process?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi mw2.parkis,
If you have a tracking number please send it to Usually it takes one week / 10 days for the analysis / repair.