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markocarevic asked 2 months ago
Hello dear community. 
My name is Marko, and I live in Croatia. I have a several land areas in my surrounding where I need to mown and maintain my land. Mowing and maintaining has become a all around clock for me so I need some automation in my life.  With 3 kids, lawn mowing started to a time consuming issue. 
After I build my 1st rover, I would like to get a 2nd one also going, as driving them from location to location would be hassle so I would be needing something for multiriver option. 
I need all info I can get, as I don’t want to roam around too much. 
990x780x400mm (long range heavy duty)
Battery: 12V140Ah
Casing: Aluminium
Motors: Wheelchair motors 12/24V: 
Drivers: Sabertooth dual 32 amp motor driver – Any recommendation to alternative would be lovely. 
RC: Flysky FS-i6X 6-10 – This is just to mechanical test and some functionality test
Now I would be needing your help with my kit: 

  1. What rover and antenna kit would be the best option? Up to 10-20 km of range. 
  2. Any additional drivers and connectors to connect my SAbertooth drivers with rover board? 
  3. What kind of Software is recommender as I plan to have this on phone and on a tablet pc on locally at each rover. 
  4. What sensors should I use to prevent any accidents with kids/pets? Mechanical sitches + infrared? 
  5. Where I can configure everything (Software)

Looking forward to get some feedback, and I am looking forward to building my 1st rover. 
Thank you, 

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Dear markocarevik,
We can only help you with the GPS part of your project, hope the community can bring some ideas for you for the rest of the items.
The requirement of 10-20km is important: we only have radio systems for Europe up to 10km with perfect rf line of sight:
This means you are forced to use either satellite corrections:
Or setup your own base station via internet:
Unless you are lucky, and another user has already set up a base station in your area: Check this website if by chance you have a free base station in your area, click on “View all”:

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