Both units now blink "GPS to XBEE but no XBEE to GPS"

Q&A forumBoth units now blink "GPS to XBEE but no XBEE to GPS"
skypuppy asked 2 years ago
skypuppy replied 2 years ago

I don’t see the blue LED blinking for XBEE to GPS, or is it usually just too fast to see? Still not getting the rover to sync in with the base unit.

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Please ensure F9P Base station is in Base mode (export RTCM or UBX data on TX2 port).

skypuppy answered 2 years ago

I have both RTCM and UBX data set at “1” on the TX2 port.  The XBEE is set to Base mode, I think.  🙂  Is there something on the f9p that sets Base mode as well?

On Base, F9P should export RTCM data on TX2, only the GPS to XBEE LED should blink.
On Rover, get RTCM on RX2 port, only XBEE to GPS LED should blink.
All XBee modules are pre-configured sent. But perhaps you need to take a test for XBEE, first determine if XBEE is still working well or not by using the X-CTU software and reading their configuration information, if you cannot receive message that you are sending from one XBee to another there could be many reasons: either your protocol is badly implemented or the XBee have mismatched configuration that make them unable to communicate. Mismatched configurations can also have a lot of reasons (MAC layer can have many operational parameters for instance) because there are lots of parameters that can be set on the XBee. Here are the most common problems:

  • The 2 XBee are not in the same network
  • One XBee is using encryption while the other does’nt
  • Both are using encryption but the encryption key is different

I don’t know how to detail the XBEE configuration parameters of ardusimple, so if you are interested you can email them.
If XBEE have no feedback, measure the voltage applied to the XBEE module and check all connections on the XBEE output pins to the main board.