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Per Erik Hermansson asked 4 years ago
I am struggling with bluetooth module, it connects to computer but when I try to connect to Arcgis Collector i does not connect. How do I set values in u-center so NMEA sentence i sent out via bluetooth?
Some simple guide to what values should be set vould be fine.
Per Erik
replied 4 years ago

Where is Your BT Module connected to UART1 or UART2 over the XBee socket?
in the first case: Did You enable the correct voltage of the module on the IOREF-PIN?
In the second case see:
In u-center You need to enable the corresponding socket: UART1 or UART2 and the corresponding protocols (NMEA an propably RTCM3). Where do You get correction data from?

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Tillamook answered 4 years ago
Thank you for your answer
I bought my RTK2B board with bluetooth module installed, I have tried different settings on a trail and error bases. I must admit that my experience is limited i the different settings and how to get it right in U-center. With limited experience it would be best to have a really strict step by step approach in how to make all the different settings right.
My main goal is to be able to use the board with Arc Gis Collector or Mapit Gis via bluetooth or usb. Have tested to connect to Collector but not really managed to connect with the app.
So far I have managed to get the board to talk to u-center via usb and I can se that gps works and I can connect to correction service (swepos) and that also works, I can see cm values in u-center. The bluetooth module is recognized by pc and I can connect it with password 1234.
As I understand the divice should send NMEA values to the app and that is not working properly ( I think).
If someone could post a video on how to, step by step set the values in u-center, how to set Uart values voltage Nmea all steps to make it send all the right values it would be helpful.
Best Regards 
Per Erik

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