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Roman Wössner asked 2 years ago

I would love to use the ublox data on iOS devices. Therefore I have the need to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.Does anyone has tried to use a XBEE BLE module plugged onto the Ardusimple?For example: or

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geom answered 2 years ago

Yes this would be nice. First You must know, that the XBee socket is connected to UART2, so You can only use NMEA and RTCM as protocolls, NOT UBX. see also here: If these protocols fit Your needs (You’ll have to run a NTRIP client on IOS like LEFEBURE to get RTCM correction data from an NTRIP caster that is send as RTCM3 via BT to the F9P. The chip gives You then automatically the corrected position). I didn’t find any NTRIP client for IOS. Would be interested to know what app are You intending to use? 
There would be no problem to connect an BLE module like the HC-10 to the UART1. You would have then access to all protocols including UBX (if needed).

geom replied 2 years ago

I’ve tried yesterday a hack, the guys from Ardusimple proposed my: see topic above. When You disable the UART2 and deselect all protocols for UART2 in u-center You can use Your XBee BT as primary connection with all protocols from UART1. You just have to connect UART1 RX => TX2 and UART1 TX => RX2 and set the IOREF to 3.3V (connect the Pin to the 3.3V output of the board. Beside this You’ll have to configure Your BT module with the corresponding AT commands. Good luck.